Hair Regrow treats your losing a lot of hair recently. There is some good news – most of the hair that you’ve recently lost can be re-grown. The follicle is still present on the scalp when the hair falls, though the hair is not growing through it. With the help of a few treatment sessions, you can provide the necessary ‘fuel’ to this hair to restart the growth process.

Before you start expecting fuller and thick hair overnight, let us tell you that it takes almost 4 months for the results to be seen. Our natural hair cycle is 4 months, hence, the time frame. In almost all cases of hereditary hair loss, baldness can be prevented, delayed, and hair can improve significantly. There are always “dormant” hair follicles at any age, which can be revived and re-grown during a 4-month hair cycle.

This treatment is recommended for those who have lost hair in the last 3-5 years. The younger the patient and the more recent the hair loss, the better is the improvement. People try hair loss treatments and products to re-grow their hair without results. This fails because they are carried out only at one level of correction. We have developed a simple, safe & unique scientific procedure that gets the dormant hair roots to re-grow and preserve the existing hair.

This natural hair improvement process is not a magic treatment but rather a scientific approach. With medications and proper diet counseling, hormonal levels and diet are correct. The topical application improves the scalp’s vascularity and with a unique modified French technique, the dormant hair roots are rejuvenated and re-grown. This technique uses patented epidermal growth factors, peptides and SC conditioned media extracts, and LASERs’ optional use. Natural hair re-growth starts in 2 months and visible results are seen in 4 months. The best part is that it is affordable, painless, and requires only a monthly visit to the clinic.

We have various patented serums and solutions advised by our experts according to the grade of baldness and hair thinning. A customized medical treatment is recommended to give the best desired results.

Platelet-Rich Plasma(PRP) Therapy:

In this treatment, injections of a concentration of a patient’s platelets are administered to the patient’s scalp. Our blood contains a variety of healing and growth factors. Blood is collected from the patient, similar to any blood test. It is centrifuged using advanced techniques to ensure maximum growth factor enrichment. This concentrated growth factor solution is then applied to the scalp using microinjections.

Regen Stimuli:

Regen Stimuli is an entirely new option available. Originally a treatment developed for regenerative medicine used in astronauts going to space for skin stimulation, the company got various trials done on hair and figured it works very well with hair regeneration. It involves a one-time sitting of 25 minutes. In this, they remove a few grafts from the back of the scalp. Then this is processed in a special kit and a solution is obtained, which is then applied all over the scalp. It is a one-time sitting that maintains and also helps improve the hair all over the scalp. This is an autologous stem cell treatment and the results last for 12-18 months. Clients start seeing results as short as 15 days to a regular cycle of 4 months for improvement. The beauty is that one visit of 25 minutes gives a result lasting more than one year.

Overall Benefits of Hair Regrow Therapy:

  • Rejuvenation of hair follicle
  • Reduced hair fall
  • Improved hair thickness and strength
  • Stimulation of hair growth
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