Laser hair reduction(Laser for Hair Removal) is a process to get rid of body or facial hair. This procedure is very safe and risk-free without any side effects. Soprano ice laser technology helps in reducing unwanted hair growth and it will also help in improving the texture of the skin. Nowadays, laser technology for hair reduction is very much in trend as nobody wants to have skin with hair; flawless skin is something that everyone desires.,
Life will become hassle-free after laser hair reduction as waxing, hair removal cream, or razors are not required. Some people tend to develop allergies to hair removal cream or waxes, and sometimes one also gets burned or cut with all these processes. Laser hair reduction works on both males and females of any age group. Because of hormonal imbalance or side effects of any drug, some people have excess growth of hair on their face or any other body part, so in that case, also this laser hair reduction is very beneficial.

Treatment at MDW

At MDW, we use the latest and most advanced technology for laser hair reduction.

The machine we used is US-FDA approved and from a well-known brand, ALMA.

Multiple sessions are required for the proper reduction of hair and it also depends on the hair growth that varies in every individual. After every session, one will be able to appreciate the decrease in the growth of hair.

The high-energy laser beam targets every hair follicle by acting on the ” melanin ” pigment present in each hair follicle, thus destroying the hair follicle.

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